PT Indesso Aroma Earns Triple B Ratings in CDP 2023, Solidifying Sustainability Commitment

Posted on February, 13th 2024

Jakarta, 13 February 2024 – PT Indesso Aroma, a leading producer of flavor & fragrance ingredients and food & wellness ingredients, proudly announces earning Triple B ratings in the CDP 2023 assessment. This impressive feat signifies the company's commitment to mitigating its environmental impact across climate change, water security, and forests.

PT Indesso Aroma has consistently demonstrated environmental leadership, having previously secured B scores in climate change and water security. In 2023, the company further solidified its position by achieving a B rating for forests, surpassing the Asia regional average and landing firmly within the Management Band. This accomplishment emphasizes the company's comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship, encompassing all three critical areas.

"Earning Triple B ratings in CDP 2023 is a testament to our relentless dedication to sustainability," said Arianto Mulyadi, the Corporate Communication and Sustainability Director of PT Indesso Aroma. "This recognition goes beyond a score. It reflects the diligent efforts of our entire team and reaffirms our commitment to responsible business practices."

With over 21,000 companies participating in the 2023 assessment, PT Indesso Aroma's achievement is notable for its commitment to environmental responsibility. The company recognizes its crucial role in addressing global environmental challenges and actively implements robust environmental management practices across its operations.

"We are incredibly proud of this progress and see it as a stepping stone for even greater achievements in the future," added Arianto.

About Indesso

Indesso is an Indonesian company that engages in value addition businesses from natural ingredients. The business of Indesso began in 1968 as a clove leaf oil distiller. Today, Indesso is the global leader in clove oil derivatives and renowned as a solution provider of ingredients for multiple sectors, including Flavor & Fragrance and Food & Wellness industry. Since 2009, Indesso has received the Primaniyarta trophy eight times from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia for its outstanding export performance. The company's commitment to sustainable products earned Indesso another Primaniyarta Trophy as the Best Exporter of Sustainable Products in 2021. Moreover, Indesso was twice (2022 and 2023) named one of the best-managed companies in Indonesia by Deloitte Private Indonesia. More information: Follow Indesso on LinkedIn and Instagram.