Indesso started the construction of the Indesso Visitor Center in December 2017 to serve as a learning center to share knowledge about essential oils with students, our partners, and the public at large.

The four-story building was built in the previous dormitory area during the early years of Indesso. The late Robertus Hartanto Gunawan, Indesso’s Founder loved to stay in this building when he visited Baturraden. Baturraden is Indesso first manufacturing site. The Indesso Visitor Center is located inside the largest essential oil manufacturing plant in Indonesia. The founding vision for this facility is to inspire and generate interest for future generations to be engaged with the aroma and essential oil industry. Displays at the Visitor Center provide the visitor with useful information about aromatic plants, sustainable sourcing, the production process, and product application.

The History of Spices

Have you ever wondered, why spices were so valuable in the past? What was so special about this unique commodity that triggered the peoples of many nations to travel across the globe just to gain control over them?

Plan Your Visit

The Indesso Visitor Center has officially been opened to the public since August 12, 2019. There is no admission fee, but the visitor should make a prearranged booking by filling out the below visitor form.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday

08:00 AM to 05:00 PM


Minimum 18th years old

Wear proper attire

Wear shoes

Guided tour, min. 5 people for efficiency