Indesso Launches iSensoAroma B2B E-Commerce Platform

Posted on September, 15th 2023

Indesso, a distinguished manufacturer of essential oils and other nature-based ingredients catering to industries such as flavor and fragrance, pharmacy, and F&B, has proudly launched its latest endeavor, the iSensoAroma E-Commerce Platform. This strategic move reflects Indesso's commitment to serving the market's evolving needs by extending its exceptional product quality and adherence to international regulations to a broader spectrum of businesses. 

With an undoubted reputation for product excellence that meets stringent global standards, Indesso aims to bridge the gap between established industries and emerging ventures. The iSensoAroma B2B E-Commerce Platform will offer a comprehensive selection of essential oils and other aromatherapy ingredients, specially packaged to cater to the demands of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as start-ups. This expansion reflects Indesso's dedication to democratizing access to top-tier ingredients without compromising quality. 

"The demand for aromatherapy products in Indonesia has significantly increased, especially during the Covid. The growth is evident from the emergence of numerous aromatherapy brands at the household or small and medium enterprise level. Many have turned to Indesso to purchase essential oils. But we are accustomed to dealing with large-scale manufacturing industries, which usually purchase in bulk. In contrast, the transaction model in the MSME segment is somewhat different; thus, we faced some challenges in meeting these evolving needs. Eventually, we decided to establish the iSensoAroma e-commerce platform to make our products more accessible with smaller packaging for players in the MSME and start-up sectors," said Robby Gunawan, CEO of Indesso. 

The iSensoAroma E-Commerce Platform will empower smaller businesses to access the same caliber of essential oils that have earned Indesso its esteemed reputation. Clients can expect a user-friendly interface that simplifies browsing, selection, and purchasing processes. By optimizing the packaging sizes to suit the precise needs of SMEs, Indesso reaffirms its commitment to supporting the growth of smaller enterprises without compromising its hallmark quality. 

As Indesso embarks on this new chapter, the company looks forward to fostering collaborations with emerging businesses, extending the reach of its exceptional products, and contributing to the growth of various industries. The iSensoAroma E-Commerce Platform proves Indesso's continued innovation, dedication, and contribution to Indonesia's essential oils and aromatherapy market. 

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