Indesso’s Direct Response to Cyclone Seroja Disaster

Posted on April, 20th 2021

ANTARA FOTO/Aditya Pradana Putra

Indesso donated 250 million rupiahs as a direct response of cyclone Seroja disaster to Yayasan Indonesia Sejahtera Barokah (YISB) and Yayasan Rotary Indonesia Bersatu (YRIB). The funds were allocated for necessities such as food, baby milk, baby food, and building materials. YSIB sent two containers full of basic needs and building materials for East Sumba, while YRIB focused on Kupang and Malaka (Timor).

Yayasan Rotary Indonesia distributed the donation to Kupang and Malaka

Tropical cyclone Seroja, which hit East Nusa Tenggara provinces, damaged thousands of houses and forced residents to stay in evacuation camps. Widespread rainfall and thunderstorm caused a landslide and extensive flooding, cutting off electricity and access between regencies. As of April 14th, 183 death toll was reported in the aftermath of the disaster while hundreds are missing.