Indesso Welcomes Tanzanian President to its Factory in Cileungsi

Posted on January, 26th 2024

Jakarta, 26 January 2024 - Indesso, a leading producer of flavor & fragrance ingredients and food & wellness ingredients, is honored to welcome the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Her Excellency Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, to its factory in Cileungsi, West Java, today. The visit highlights Indesso's commitment to strengthening the relationship between Indonesia and Tanzania and the company's long-standing investment in Africa.


Indesso's engagement in Tanzania began in 2019, following the Indonesia - Africa Infrastructure Dialogue (IAID), where Indonesian President Joko Widodo pledged to bolster ties between Indonesia and African nations. In line with this commitment, Indesso has established six field distillation units in Tanzania to extract valuable oil from clove leaves, a byproduct often discarded as waste.


This initiative has significantly impacted Tanzania's clove industry, transforming what was once considered waste into a valuable resource. Indesso has also played a crucial role in sharing its expertise with local communities, empowering them to harness the potential of clove leaf oil production. The transformation is achieved through sustainable business practices by upcycling, incorporating traceability, and embracing transparent principles.


The impact on the ground has been transformative. This business has increased the value at the source and brought socio-economic benefits to the people of Tanzania at the grassroots level. According to a baseline study in 2019, the clove leaf distillation business has increased the annual household income of villagers by four times. The industry has also created new jobs in clove leaf collection, transportation, and distillation.


"Indesso is proud to be a catalyst for change in Tanzania's clove industry," said Robby Gunawan, the CEO of Indesso Group. "By investing in this region, we have not only created opportunities for economic growth but also contributed to the sustainable development of local communities."


The clove leaf oil distillation business is still in the early stages of development in Tanzania. Still, it can significantly drive economic growth and rural development. Looking ahead, Indesso expresses the hope that these initiatives will serve as a catalyst, inspiring and encouraging the local people to establish more distillation units within Tanzania. “By sharing our success story, knowledge, and expertise, we aim to contribute to the growth of a sustainable industry that benefits local communities and the national economy,” added Robby Gunawan.


President Mama Samia's visit to Indesso's factory further underscores the company's dedication to Tanzania's economic development. Indesso remains committed to being the off-taker of the clove oil from Tanzania, fostering sustainable growth and empowering local communities to thrive— making  Zanzibar-Tanzania the new essential oil hub in the East African Region.



About Indesso

Indesso is an Indonesian company that engages in value addition businesses from natural ingredients. The business of Indesso began in 1968 as a clove leaf oil distiller. Today, Indesso is the global leader in clove oil derivatives and renowned as a solution provider of ingredients for multiple sectors, including Flavor & Fragrance and Food & Wellness industry. Since 2009, Indesso has received the Primaniyarta trophy eight times from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia for its outstanding export performance. The company's commitment to sustainable products earned Indesso another Primaniyarta Trophy as the Best Exporter of Sustainable Products in 2021. Moreover, Indesso was twice (2022 and 2023) named one of the best-managed companies in Indonesia by Deloitte Private Indonesia.  More information: Follow Indesso on LinkedIn and Instagram.