Indesso Received the Primaniyarta Award 2019

Posted on October, 17th 2019

PT Indesso Aroma received the Primaniyarta Award again this year, adding the 8th Primaniyarta trophy to the collections. The trophy was handed over by the vice president Jusuf Kalla. There were six award categories, in which Indesso received the Best Export Performer—Domestic Investment Category.
Primaniyarta is the prestigious award given by the government of the Republic of Indonesia for the companies that excel in their export performance. Indesso firstly received the Primaniyarta Award for the same category in 2009, then continued receiving the same award for the next five years. These constant achievements brought Indesso one more special trophy in 2013. After three years of hiatus, Indesso participated in the competition again then got the trophy home for one more time in 2016.
Started as a simple clove leaf oil distiller, Indesso has been becoming the world leader of clove oil and the derivatives, contributing about 60% of the world market shares. The products have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world. This can be achieved by implementing sustainable business practices. Sustainability always becomes Indesso fundamental concern in doing the business.