Indesso Plants 10,000 Calliandra Tree to Sequester More than 600 Tons Carbon

Posted on September, 24th 2021

Sustainability is a collective work that requires collaborations from many parties. Indesso works closely with partners in various sustainability initiatives. One of the current programs supported by Firmenich is afforestation, in which seeds or trees are planted in the patchouli sourcing area where there was no previous tree cover for carbon sequestration.

Starting the program in August 2021, the objective is to distribute and plant 10,000 Calliandra calothyrsus seedlings in 31 villages of seven major patchouli plantation areas in Southeast Sulawesi. Seven hundred fifty-one farmers in this sourcing area participate in this program. Calliandra was chosen for its fast-growing characteristics and versatility in preventing soil erosion.

In two years, the tree can reach up to 4 to 5 meters in height. Proper plant scheduling allows a more responsible firewood source. Classified as a flowering plant, Calliandra produces nectar to stimulate the population of bees, thus help to preserve biodiversity. In three to four years, this program will sequester more than 600 tons of carbon each year.