PT Indesso Aroma Joins Union for Ethical BioTrade

Posted on February, 8th 2022

Jakarta, February 8th, 2022 - PT Indesso Aroma has become a provisional member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), a non-profit association that promotes sourcing with respect, since January 2022. As a provisional Member, Indesso has successfully passed the UEBT membership assessment and complied with UEBT entry indicators. Presently, Indesso is developing a three-year work plan to improve ethical sourcing to gain full membership

"Since the beginning of our journey, sustainability has always been an essential part of Indesso. We have taken various initiatives, such as implementing a responsible sourcing program, especially during these past five years. This membership shows our further commitment to applying good practices in manufacturing our products and along their supply chain," said Arianto Mulyadi, the Director of Corporate Communication and Sustainability of Indesso.

UEBT defines practices that respect people and biodiversity in the way ingredients from biodiversity are grown, collected, researched, processed, and commercialized. Every member follows the UEBT standard, formally known as the Ethical BioTrade Standard, as a guideline to verify that these practices are systemically applied. The Ethical BioTrade Standard consists of seven principles covering critical social, environmental, and economic issues:

  • conservation of biodiversity
  • sustainable use of biodiversity
  • fair and equitable sharing of benefits
  • respect for rights of actors
  • compliance with legislation
  • socio-economic sustainability
  • clarity about land tenure

Indesso has started implementing these principles in sourcing several key raw materials. One of our responsible sourcing programs for patchouli has been audited and found to comply with UEBT and the end user's criteria. Our goal is to implement a 100% traceable, environmentally, and socially responsible sourcing of natural raw materials by 2040.