Indesso Expanded Its Operation to Tanzania

Posted on December, 3rd 2021

Indesso, which has been widely known as the global leader in clove oil derivatives, initiated a clove leaf oil field distillation unit in Pemba island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. The project was started in 2019 and started commissioning in September 2020. One of the main objectives is to find alternate raw material sourcing, the clove leaf oil. On the other hand, through this project, Indesso shares the technical know-how for producing clove leaf oil so that the local people can gain additional income sustainably.


Zanzibar, Tanzania, is well known as one of the best clove producers in the world. However, the local people only focus on producing the cloves as a spice rather than oil. There are some old, small-scale, and outdated distillations that used to produce Clove Leaf Oil, yet they are not economically viable to operate. Indesso assisted in establishing a cooperative to run and manage a field distillation unit and give supports in various formats such as training and direct field assistance. Through this first project, which has endowed the people at the grass-root level, the annual income of the villagers of previously between TZS 500,000-600,000 per family has been increased significantly to having an additional income of TZS 1,500,000-2,000,000 per head of family per year. Last year (2020), we established Indesso Tanzania (Zanzibar) Limited in Zanzibar to serve as a hub for clove leaf oil production and trading activities.


Over the years, Indesso has embraced thousands of small cottage distilleries in Indonesia. The crude oils produced by the distilleries are to supply the company’s needs of clove oils. At Indesso, the crude clove oils are purified and further processed to produce a variety of derivative products. The applications of these products are diverse. The isolation of clove oil active compounds and their derivatives are used in many consumer products. They are used as ingredients in flavor/ fragrance, natural pesticides, fish sedatives, and many others. The food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, pest control, and animal feed additive industries also offer promising opportunities for the use of clove oil derivatives.


This initial investment is only the beginning of more investments to come in the near future, which eventually, will be beneficial to both countries. On one side, Indesso will get an additional source of clove leaves oil supply in manufacturing the value-added products. These products are obtained through fractionation processes and be finally exported, which in turn, the exportations will increase the foreign exchange earnings. On the other side, the local people in Zanzibar, Tanzania will gain additional earnings from what has previously been considered as a biomass waste of clove plants. This project is hopefully can trigger further developments in the essential oil industry in Zanzibar.