Indesso Donates IDR 1 billion and Produces 9.2 Tons Hand Sanitizer to Fight COVID-19

Posted on April, 2nd 2020

Indesso donates IDR500 million for Sulianti Saroso Hospital

Jakarta, 2 April 2020—In response to the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical workers amidst the increasing COVID-19 case in Indonesia, Indesso donates IDR500 million to Sulianti Saroso Hospital, Jakarta. This donation is allocated for PPE for the medical workers. “It is so sad to read the recent news about the death of several medical workers because of COVID-19. The doctors, the nurses, and all other medical workers work relentlessly in the front line to treat COVID-19 patients. Therefore, we hope that through our donation, we can at least put a little assurance for their families at home, knowing that they are adequately protected in doing their job,” said Robby Gunawan, CEO of Indesso. Following this action, Indesso also allocated another IDR500 million for PPE buying distributed to other hospitals through BNPB (Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management).

This pandemic has triggered a shortage of face masks and hand sanitizers, not only for medical workers but also for the public. Addressing this issue, Indesso supports the Government of Banyumas Regency in producing hand sanitizers to be distributed in traditional markets in the area. Indesso factory in Baturraden transformed raw materials provided by the government to become 9.2 tons hand sanitizers that comply with WHO recommendation. Indesso also distributed hand sanitizers and face masks to employees. The company has formed a special task force responsible to set corporate policies related to the COVID-19 impacts.  

About Indesso: Indesso was founded by Robertus Hartanto Gunawan in 1968. Started out humbly as a simple clove leaf oil distiller in Baturraden, Purwokerto, Central Java, today Indesso is recognized as the world leader in essential oils, particularly in clove oil derivatives and a prominent manufacturer of ingredients for multi-industry such as food, flavor, fragrance, and pharmaceutical. This outstanding performance had brought Indesso the Primaniyarta Awards as the Best Performing Exporter for eight times by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. More information about Indesso is available at  

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