Culinaroma Carnival Food Trip Workshop

Posted on July, 5th 2022

Culinaroma, a subsidiary of Indesso Group, held a promotional workshop last June at the Senseria Collaboration Space in Cideng, Jakarta, highlighting the concept of Carnival Food Trip. The two-week workshop offered fun and creative food and beverage proposals for the Food Service industry.

"This is the first Culinaroma workshop since the Covid-19 pandemic and the first workshop for the Food Service industry. With Indonesia's loosened public activities restrictions, people have started traveling again for holidays. We think it is a great idea to highlight several unique cuisines around the globe and then adapt them to various food applications. Culinaroma Carnival Food Trip offers cuisines from four main regions: Asia, the Middle East, Indonesia, and Western countries. Through this workshop, we want to show our wide range of manufacturing capabilities in providing ease of use for the Food Service business. We understand that consistency and efficiency are important for this sector. Culinaroma is fully customizable in various product formats such as seasonings, extracts, premixes, noodles, syrups and sauces, batter, or sambal to simplify cooking processes," said Richard Wardhana, the Business Development Manager of Culinaroma Food Service.

One of the presented products was Gochujang sauce from Korea, following the increasing popularity of Korean culture through K-Pop and K-Drama. The sauce is versatile and can be used in different applications, such as noodle or fried chicken sauces. Another product example was ready-to-use rice seasonings. While usually applied with dusting methods in snacks, Culinaroma introduced an exciting idea of seasoning application in cooked rice. "It can be directly mixed to the cooked rice, then voila, you get flavorful rice; for example, we showcased biryani rice seasoning at the Middle East booth and kecombrang (torch ginger) rice seasoning at the Indonesian booth," added Richard. The Western booth greeted the customers with a legendary drink from the imaginary world of Harry Potter, the butterbeer, and an exotic blue color drink made with Curacao syrup.

Culinaroma has built a reputable image as an innovative food conceiver with solid research & innovation team support. Combining years of expertise in producing food and savory solutions, Culinaroma has supported countless food and beverage developments. The services cater not only to the Food Service industry but also Food & Beverage industry and startups company.