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Indesso partnered with several world-leading companies to distribute their products in Indonesia. A manufacturer with extensive product portfolios plus a distributor of global players that excel in their respective fields surely brings its advantages for Indesso.

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Cheese Powders & Dairy (Ballantyne)

Established in 1929, Ballantyne is an Australian, family-owned company that specializes in dairy products. In June 2016, Indesso partnered with Ballantyne as a local marketer for their well-known cheese powder and other cheese related products. 

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Yeast Extracts & Derivatives (Biospringer)

Founded in 1872 in Paris, France, Biospringer is a global producer of natural yeast extract and yeast-derived ingredients. Thanks to the long-established expertise of its parent company: Lesaffre Group, Biospringer is now a key player in fermentation and producing yeast extracts with over 1000 employees worldwide. 

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Juice Concentrates & Puree (Döhler)

It all started almost 180 years ago with a spice mill. Today, Döhler is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Innovation, trust, quality and sustainability are the values that characterise the company, and that Döhler are proud of.

In 2019, Indesso entered a partnership with Doehler as the sole distributor for small industrial packaging solutions of fruit and vegetable ingredients within the territory of Indonesia.

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Flavors & Taste, Perfumery and Ingredients (Firmenich)

The partnership between Indesso and Firmenich has been started since 1974. A Swiss and a family-owned for over 120 years, Firmenich creates fragrances and flavors for the world’s most desirable brands, delighting billions of consumers everyday.

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Extracts (Martin Bauer)

Since 1930 the Martin Bauer Group stands for outstanding expertise in botanical products worldwide. Martin Bauer works with the customers to develop tailor-made solutions for the tea, food and phytopharmaceutical industries. In October 2019, Indesso established a partnership with Martin Bauer as the sole distributor for tea extracts, tea aroma, herbal extracts, etc.

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Hydrocolloids (Nexira)

Founded in 1895, Nexira has built its reputation as the world leader in acacia gum, a natural exudate of acacia trees. Indesso has become the sole distributor of Nexira since 1980.

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Natural Color & Coloring Foodstuffs (Oterra)

Oterra (previously Chr. Hansen Natural Colors) is the largest provider of naturally sourced colors worldwide. Since their first color launch in 1876, Oterra has utilized the power of nature's true colors and championed that natural is best. Oterra continues to share their unrivaled expertise in colors for food, beverage, dietary supplements and pet food to help manufacturers bring appealing products to consumers around the world. And they continue to empower their partners to meet the demand for safe, sustainable, and natural food on their journey together towards natural.

Since December 2015, Indesso started selling and marketing Oterra's Natural Color and Coloring Foodstuffs for the Indonesian market.

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Stevia Sweeteners (PureCircle)

PureCircle is the leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia sweeteners for the global food and beverage industry.

Indesso has exclusively become the sole distributor of PureCircle since 2012.

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Food Service Solutions (Tastecraft)

Tastecraft supports all the Taste-crafters (mixologists, baristas, chefs, and others) who want only the best for their guests. 

Tastecraft brings to you a tantalizing array of premium solutions for a wholesome gourmet experience. Presenting an exquisite range of fruit syrups, flavored syrups, sauces, crushes, fruit fillings among many others which will inspire your chefs to explore countless innovative combinations and leave your guests mesmerized.

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