Our mission is to create innovative solution with sustainable natural-based ingredients for life.

Profit is the inevitable effect of a business process that honors nature and people. If profit is to be gained at the expense of nature, then Indesso wants no part in it.

Robby Gunawan, CEO

Our Journey

The Philosophy Behind Indesso

The mission of Indesso is to create innovative solutions with sustainable natural-based ingredients for life. This mission is depicted in the logogram which consists of several elements with specific meanings. The logogram of Indesso conveys our core strength in extracting nature (in its basic elements), sustainable business (through its color nuances and transparent effect), as well as fine quality products (as one whole shape).


Symbolizes Indesso’s passion for nature


Relates to the sense of smell

Mouth and Smile

Signifies the sense of taste (tongue-licking expression) and sincerity (smile)

Embracing Hands

Represents Indesso that nurtures to enhance people, support partner, and conserve the planet

Company Policies

As a leading manufacturer of ingredients for many industries, we have set our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and commit ourselves to adhere to the highest standards in several aspects.

Product quality control and food safety
Halal assurance procedure of related food and flavor ingredients
Quality assurance of traditional raw material medicine
Worker’s health and safety procedure
Procedure of environmental impact control according to the applied regulations and efficient use of energy
Obedience to laws and other government regulations
Sustainable business practice and corporate social responsibility concerns
Dissemination of the company policy to internal and external parties

Therefore, we leverage all our capabilities for continuous improvement in

Quality control, food safety assurance system management, and halal assurance system management for related food and flavor ingredients
Good manufacturing practice of traditional medicine - BPOM RI
Prevention of cases which can impact on environmental damage, worker’s health and safety
Increasing welfare of workers and participation in welfare improvement of neighboring society
Prioritizing satisfaction of customers and all stakeholders.

Corporate Values

Esprit de corps

Attentiveness, Availability, Caring


Honesty, Sincerity, Trustworthy


Enthusiasm, Resourcefulness, Creative

Board of Commissioners

Budi Setiadharma


Wien P. Gunawan

Vice Chairman

Hanny Gunawan

Vice Chairman

Harsh Rajpal

Vice Chairman

Pandu Patria Sjahrir

Vice Chairman

Diyah Sasanti Retnaning

Vice Chairman

Brian Chang

Vice Chairman

Tetsuro Onitsuka

Vice Chairman

Angelo Syailendra

Vice Chairman

Board of Directors

Robby Gunawan



Vice President Manufacturing

Leo Seno Broto

Vice President Research and Development

Monica Solichien

Vice President Food Ingredients

Burhan Sutanto

Vice President Finance, Accounting, and Legal

Manufacturing and Innovation Center

We believe that technology and innovation are the keys to success, consequently, continuous investment in machinery along with sustained improvement in the operational system will always be parts of our strategic plan.