Indesso Started Operating the New Solar PV System

Solar Photovoltaic

Indesso started operating the new solar photovoltaic (PV) system in its Cileungsi plant on 7 March 2018. This solar PV provides 0,5 MW of clean energy which is equivalent to around 25% of the total electricity supply at the factory.

Indesso is the first aromatic and food ingredients company in Indonesia which deploys a large solar PV system and integrates it into the current electricity supply provided by PLN, a state-owned electricity company. This shows Indesso’s participation in the national movement of one million solar roofs program (GNSSA-Gerakan Nasional Sejuta Surya Atap) which was declared on 13 September 2017 by the local government. The main objective of GNSSA is to support the National Energy Policy in the effort to reach the target in utilizing both the new and renewable energies by 23% in 2025.

The solar PV project is a part of the JCM (Joint Credit Mechanism) between the Indonesian government and Japan. It is a joint effort to reduce the global greenhouse gas emissions.