People are our most valuable asset. Indesso recognizes that strong individual development and successful growth of business are inseparable.

Therefore, all employees are always encouraged to be the best in their respective field, one of which through comprehensive training and development programs.


Esprit de Corps

Attentiveness, Availabilty, Caring


Creativity, Enthusiasm, Resourcefulness


Honesty, Sincerity, Trustworthy


Board of Commissioners

Budi Setiadharma - Chairman
Hanny Gunawan
Wien P. Gunawan

Board of Directors

Robby J. Gunawan – President Director
P. Eko Soelarso
Rossano Sutanto
Rudy Mulyono
Leo Seno Broto
Monica Solichien
Paul S. Gunawan


Business Support

Our General Affairs, IT and Corporate Communication are parts of Business Support team, who relentlessly works for excellence to ensure smooth business process.

Research & Development

Indesso is supported by highly skilled professionals dedicated in the field of Research and Development in creating value-added ingredients, using the art of science and sophisticated technology.

Finance & Accounting

Being a fast implementer of SAP ERP in Indonesia, our Finance and Accounting team is made up of people with competency to work using the integrated system.

Raw Material Sourcing

Indesso is supported by Raw Material Sourcing Team which consist of passionate people who works closely with suppliers and has years of experience in sourcing various natural raw materials. This team is deeply rooted to the source.

Human Resources & Organizational Development

Talented employees are carefully recruited and developed with heart by our Human Resource and Organizational Development team.
Innovation & Application Technologist

Innovation & Application Technologist

Our sweet and savory innovation and application technologists work closely with R&D, marketing team and our clients to develop, optimize, and evaluate the application of our ingredients for food and beverage industry.

Marketing & Sales

Our Marketing & Sales team is comprised of creative & enthusiastic people with strong market understanding to foresee market needs and trends. Using a customer-oriented approach, this team attentively assists clients in right sourcing of their ingredients and in developing a product concept.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Our Manufacturing & Supply Chain team works systematically for the right quality and promptness delivery of each product.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

At Indesso, our QC & QA team is trained to deliver excellent product quality which complies with the regulation. Integrity is the key value of the team, with the goal to fulfill what we have promised to the clients.