Absolute is an option to develop a product with unique and distinctive aroma. Obtained by solvent extraction of botanical biomass, absolutes contain highly concentrated aromatic oils of the source.

Our collection of absolutes:
    • Benzoin Absolute

      Benzoin Absolute is a rock hard solid gum resin obtained from Styrax, a tropical tree of Eastern Asia. Its aroma is redolent of vanilla, which is suitable for the development of fine fragrance.

    • Green Patchouli Absolute
    • Patchouli is a tropical crop whose leaves (epidermis) are covered with trichomes which contain essential oil. Green Patchouli Absolute is obtained by solvent extraction of the leaves. Having woody character, Green Patchouli Absolute will benefit the development of perfumery, flavor, and cosmetic.

    • Vetiver Absolute
    • In Indonesia, Vetiver grows in Garut, West Java since 1917. The roots are used and processed to produce aromatic oil which is commonly used in fragrance, cosmetic, as well as flavor ingredient.