Botanical Extracts

Resounding the unlocking nature spirit, Indesso continuously explores the possibilities of manufacturing various botanical extracts, particularly are those native to Indonesia.


Our tea extracts collection is sourced from selected leaves of Camellia sinensis grown in Java, Indonesia. The plantation is operated with good agricultural practise and the production uses fully automatic computerized control system. The end result provides balanced content of polyphenols and pleasant authentic aroma available both in powder and liquid form.

  • Black Tea Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Jasmine Tea Extract


In producing coffee extracts, Indesso carefully sources the beans from all over Indonesia, such as Java and Sumatra Robusta, Sumatra Arabica, Toraja Arabica, also Aceh Gayo Arabica.

  • Arabica Coffee Extract
  • Robusta Coffee Extract
  • Green Coffee Extract


Indesso incorporates quality control into every aspect and process of production, resulting in rich, pleasant cocoa extracts with authentic taste and aroma. Cocoa extracts will benefit the development of many processed food products such as ready to drink beverage, powder soft drink, dairy dessert, confectionery, bakery, and snacks.

  • Cocoa Extract
  • Cocoa Extract (Alcohol Free)
  • Cocoa Extract (Dark Chocolate)


Thermal processed extracts are obtained by bio-process extraction and thermal processes of roasted cocoa or coffee beans and aroma precursors. The high temperature during the production allows the Maillard reaction to occur. As a result, the extracts acquire stronger and unique taste and aroma.

  • Cocoa Extract
  • Coffee Extract


Apart from tea, coffee, and cocoa extracts, Indesso also provides other botanical extracts such as:

  • Tamarind Extract
  • Purple Sweet Potato