Indesso IFEAT 2019Bali, 30 September 2019. Indesso, the leading Indonesian producer of aroma ingredients, participates as the platinum sponsor at the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) Conference 2019. Considered as the biggest global event in flavor and fragrance ingredients industry, the annual gathering event is held in The Mulia, Nusa Dua, Bali from 29 September to 3 October. Entering the Grand Ballroom, the visitors can experience an extensive range of Indesso products at Booth No#11.

Having more than 50 years of experience in the essential oil business, Indesso always commits to providing nature-based ingredients for fragrance, flavor, and food industries. Supported with a Research & Development Center and 15% of more than 600 employees dedicated in the field of research, development, innovation, application, and quality assurance, the company continuously innovates to provide the best solution for the market. Most importantly, the production is conducted with a sustainable concept.

“Sustainability has always become our fundamental concern in doing the business. If profit is to be gained at the expense of the environment, we want no part in it. Our sustainability initiatives are integrated under one common platform consisting of 3 pillars: people, partnership, and the planet,” said Robby Gunawan, CEO of Indesso. One of the initiatives focuses on developing talents in the company as well as enhancing the livelihood of the neighborhood of the site and the sourcing areas. Last year, Indesso donated sewing machines and held a bag sewing workshop for the women living near Indesso’s manufacturing plant. Indesso also built a visitor center to share half of a century knowledge and experiences of producing aroma ingredients, essential oils, and botanical extracts to the public. This facility, including the aromatic garden, and field distillation prototype, serves as a learning center where the public can get more information about the essential oil industry.

Indesso implements traceable sourcing with a transparent business partnership model, ensuring the traceability of the raw materials up to the upstream level. “We listen to farmers and together we made a fair multi-year business agreement. We welcome our customers to join this program,” said Paul S. Gunawan, the Sales & Marketing Director of Aroma Ingredients at Indesso Nite gathering held in Mulia Bali this evening. Other than that, Indesso also engages in various activities to minimize the carbon footprint of its manufacturing process. Indesso is the first aromatic and food ingredients company in Indonesia to deploy a large solar photovoltaic system and integrates it into the electricity supply provided by a state-owned electricity company. This solar PV provides has generated 882,123 kWh clean energy (as of September 24, 2019) since its installation in March 2018.

The same principle applied in waste management, in which it is minimized or completely recycled wherever possible. The isolation of eugenol from clove oil is a good example of this. Eugenol isolation created almost zero waste, in which all materials can be reused and recycled. Moreover, Indesso also recycles the tea extract biomass waste into natural compost then donate it to the farmers.

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