Indesso Named Finalist in Seafood Innovation Project

SIP Poster

Iwan Safrudin and Tubagus Hadian Noerraya from Research and Development Department of Indesso were chosen as one of the Seafood Innovation Project (SIP) finalists. This program was initiated by SecondMuse with support funding from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The objective was to find innovative solutions to improve sustainable seafood sector in Indonesia. SIP was opened for public from 19 November to 5 February with more than 200 participants submitted their ideas.

“We proposed an idea to use natural clove oil derivatives as sedative, anesthetic, and preservative to increase Indonesia’s seafood competitiveness in the global market,” explained Iwan. Preserving the freshness of the caught fish is a challenge because the long transport duration can cause tissue damage or increase fish mortality. There are indeed several fish sedatives and anesthetic but most of them are synthetics. “Eugenol and isoeugenol are both natural and FEMA-GRAS certified, which means they are safe for human consumption without causing significant side effects. By applying only a small dosage, this innovation can decrease the mortality rate during fish transportation. Thus, can improve the productivity and competitiveness of Indonesian seafood products in the global market. Other than that, this product will benefit the health management and medical process in advanced fish marine aquaculture,” said Iwan.

Indesso was the only company from non-fishery industry which was chosen as one of the finalists. There were about 200 applications, which was narrowed down to top 80, then top 10. This achievement was proof that Indesso never stops innovating to increase the livelihood of the human being.